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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Geowoodstock VIII & Groundspeak's Lost & Found Events Were A Blast!

The first week in July started out with not just a "bang" but a "BLAST"! It was non-stop back to back events for almost and entire week. Geocachers from all over the world joined local Washington cachers to enjoy Geowoodstock and celebrate Geocaching's 10 Year Anniversary all in the same week. It was exhausting and exhillerating all at the same time. I'm a bit behind in posting about the experience, but I'll get it done soon and update this page when I do. Have a great weekend everyone! Lost & Found Event

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Geocaching Answers

Why Geocaching?

The Value of Geocaching

Geocaching is more than just a hobby. It is a major component in actively pursuing a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. It offers a chance to explore urban landscapes, to experience the wonder of nature, to face and meet challenges, and to engage in an active and growing worldwide community.

Geocaching is the world's fastest growing recreational hobby. To join the adventure go to Geocaching.com and sign up today.

Who Goes Geocaching?

How About You!

Geocaching is open to everyone worldwide and a basic membership on Geocaching.com is free. Geocaching only requires two things. One, a mapping handheld GPS or a GPS enabled smart-phone with a geocaching application installed. And two, the ability to step away from the screen and do the unthinkable... Go Outside To Play!

Where do you Geocache?

Almost Anywhere

Geocaching is be a worldwide activity and chances are there quite a few near you. Go the the geocahing.com home page, put in your Zip code and prepare to be amazed. However, there are places where geocaching is prohibited. U.S. National Parks are National Wildlife Refuges are off limits as well as any potential terrorist attack targets. For more information see Off-Limits Physical Caches section of the geocache listing guidelines.

Other Geo-Location Games

Virtual Geocaching

Many locations that are off-limits to physical caches are a type of virtual cache called Waymarks or Whereigo caches. Information about these types of caching can be found at Waymarking.com and Whereigo.com.

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