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  • Annienz

    Hi there Krytic!
    I quite agree with you and I think you've stated your point well!! Our 'anti-cachers' around here have been the bug & goin stealing type. :(

    And YAY!! I finally figured out how to comment on your blog.

    Annie (from Annie & PB!)

  • Kryptic

    I'm so glad you figured it out! We have lost TB's and Geocaoins in this recent attack as well. That is part of what makes me so upset. If the cache location is really their issue, then why not at least place the TB's and coins in another cache that doesn't bother them. I don't get it. Why spoil some little kids (or adult kids) fun like that?!

    I'd like to add your blog to my blogroll if that is ok with you. Let me know!

  • DudleyGrunt

    Great article. Thanks for shedding some light on this person / group.

  • Kryptic

    Thanks Dudley and I just saw your site. Am sending my niece your way! Happy Caching!

  • Emily Taylor

    Its considered litter trash or abandoned property and contrary to your statement most LEO harass geocachers under false terrorisms scares so its hard to do anything. Its ruined caching for me getting in trouble just for putting a coin in a box.

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