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  • EMC of Northridge, CA

    Cute video, you guys! It's fun to watch you have so much fun. Keep going!
    – Elin, aka EMC of Northridge, CA
    Note: Geocaches are NOT buried treasure. They might be covered or disguised, but they are never supposed to be buried.

  • Kryptic

    Elin is correct! But their title was so cute I used it for the post. Make sure to review and understand all of the geocache placement guidelines listed here Reading these guidelines will also help you know what you are looking for in the field. =)

  • Lincoln Adams

    They'll never be the same again, LOL

  • Monterey Company

    This was fun to watch! Makes me want to leave my little office space and get out there.

  • Kryptic

    Hey Elena, You should get out more often! I love the Idyllwild area and have spent many spring and summer days marveling at the beauty there. Take a day off and go caching!

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