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Coastcacher.com began over a cup of coffee between two friends and caching partners in the Spring of 2007. It started out as pages on our personal blogs, explaining to friends and family, what this “crazy thing” we had become so involved with was. Geocaching had so enriched our lives that it seemed to be infectious and many of our friends and family members have now become geocachers. It has been wonderful to hear about their adventures and celebrate their achievements with them. The geocaching bug spread quickly and our little personal pages just could not keep up. Coastcacher is a bigger space that will enable us to share our stories with you and I hope you will share yours in return.

The Cacher Stories section of this blog is the one that I think I am most excited about.

The Cacher Stories section of this blog is the one that I think I am most excited about. I love hearing stories. Mom’s bedtimes stories and the library’s story days were some of my favorite times growing up. I am hoping that you will enjoy laughing at some of our mis-adventures as well as sharing in the satisfaction felt when that elusive puzzle cache solution finally is found. I know we will enjoy hearing about your favorite caches, adventures or milestones and we look forward to your stories. Please, don’t be shy. See our “Submissions” page guidelines and submit your stories soon.

We are Kryptic and PiscesJourney in the geocaching world; Kiersten and Rose in the real one. More often than not our real lives leave us little time to cache, so when we do get the chance we make it memorable. The criteria for choosing which caches we do varies. Some days it’s based on time, or what has to be done later in the day or the weather. But more often than not, we scan cache listings looking for something or somewhere just a little different. Your input on a cache page definitely influences our cache choices for a day. “Great hide.” “Tough puzzle, but it was worth it!” ”Excellent camo.” “I walked right past it…Twice.” “Beautiful view..” Your input counts to us while caching and it will count to us here. Please comment often letting us know what you enjoy and where we can improve.

Well, there is the short of it. We hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kryptic & PiscesJourney